What is healing?

Healing is a different process for each person. It's our individual way of clearing away whatever baggage and blocks have formed within us through our lives and brought us to where we are today. Healing is the unique process that each of us have which leads us back more fully to becoming our Higher Selves, that part of us which is complete unconditional love. Healing is clearing the fear-based thoughts, beliefs, words and actions that have caused us and others suffering. It is healing of the ego, the lower self. It is the ego aspect that we are all healing because it's this aspect which is always fear-based. It's our thoughts, resulting beliefs and emotions which create our reality and that too easily influence our words and actions. Together with the thoughts, resulting beliefs, emotions and actions of those around us, our experience of the world is created.

There are many roads and methods of healing, no one any better than the next, it depends on the individual to find the process that suits them best, which may change over time as they change. Healing is about clearing away the emotions that are triggered off in life by things that happen around us. Healing is also about releasing the past and changing our ways of thinking. Sometimes we're carrying beliefs from our childhood which will probably not be suitable, helpful or even relevant to our lives as adults. So, we need to change it up and adjust to beliefs that work for us and support us now. I mean, you don't expect yourself to fit into your clothes you wore at age five do you? It's really the same thing with beliefs! Healing is often about becoming firstly more self-aware, as we hold many beliefs inside that we're not consciously aware of but which, nonetheless, have a powerful effect on what we create in our lives and which influence the decisions we make as adults.

When we remove the baggage and blocks, we're ever increasingly able to create more love-based lives, make more positive, healthy choices and decisions and allow ourselves to receive more love from life and from other people by way of support, understanding, respect and help, for example. We become love-based empowered individuals who are healthy and successful, abundant and most of all, loving and secure. Our thinking comes more from our Higher Self, from a loving perspective, which will always create more love! When we see through eyes of love, we open up to witness how much beauty there is around us, which helps us to re-connect with Nature more fully and become more caring for our planet and it's other inhabitants. In short, we care more.

Through Reiki, I was able to unearth all sorts of beliefs I didn't know I had, but upon closer examination, I found out why I'd  formed those beliefs about myself, other people and life and then understood that these beliefs were influencing my decision making and also colouring the way I'd sometimes see things. I refer to unearthed beliefs as 'hidden gems' because they give us our power back. I have worked with many people over the years, who have had no idea why they keep attracting certain situations or types of people, for example, into their lives. They keep repeating the same old patterns again and again. The problem is that this behaviour and resulting situations just re-enforces the old fear-based beliefs, which attracts more of the same. And so we go round and round in circles...sounding familiar?

Healing is about breaking the fear-based patterns in our lives by becoming more aware of what causes it in the first place and then by sowing new, positive beliefs and attitudes into our awareness, which, like small seeds, begin to grow and eventually flower into beautiful new ways of thinking, living and creating! When we begin to sow new seeds, the old beliefs can feel very deeply rooted, causing old pain and feelings to surface. This is part of the healing process and we must allow it to happen by feeling the emotions that surface fully, without judgement and then release them into the past where they belong. Healing can be miraculous, if we can be willing to feel what we have suppressed and let it go fully. Then love can flow into us and harmony (which is health) is reinstated.

Sometimes healing can take much longer, we must respect our own pace and support that. Some beliefs are very heavily loaded with emotions and are entrenched in our minds. There may be years worth of emotional baggage attatched to the old beliefs. If we can do our best to maintain more loving thoughts about ourselves, other people and life, more of the time, we can gradually begin to come back to the truth, to love. This is our Higher Self talking and the more we allow it to command our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions, the more love we will experience in our lives. Love is health, support, clarity, wisdom, grace, forgiveness, compassion, joy and abundance, among other things. Love is the Universal energy that creates everything and everyone, it is the energy that we all use either in love or fear, to create our worlds. Healing helps us to realise this, in our own individual way and helps us become who we truly already are: pure love!

So take some time today, just a few moments, or longer if you can, to take a few deep breaths, calm your mind and go within to your heart. It will tell you what you need to do to heal, to become more aligned with your Higher Self. Begin by getting in touch with yourself and how you feel. When there's a 'problem' go inside and feel what emotions you feel and what thoughts are running through your mind? "oh, that's typical!", "I never have enough________!", "people always let me down!" etc. These are the 'hidden gems' the beliefs that we need to replace with something new that will start to change your thinking, so you can change the patterns of what you attract. Write them down, no holds barred and when you're done, write an exact opposite, positive statement by each negative belief.

"people always love and support me unconditionally"

These are your personal seeds to nurture by thinking them over and over until gradually, you'll begin to believe them- a new set of beliefs are forming-when you think them, try to imagine how that new positive statement will make you feel when it's a reality for you, happy, strong, healthy, safe etc? This is where powerful healing starts to take place, powerful change. Stick with it, remember, you've had those other old beliefs most of your life, so be patient and consistent...for me, it's Reiki that has and continues to help me heal, for you, maybe it's the same, maybe not, just go with your heart to find your own healing path.