Creating abundance

The Universe is an abundant place, just look to Nature and see how many blades of grass are growing in your back lawn, or look up to the stars at night to see how many millions of stars there are. Take a trip to the ocean and drink in the vastness of the water. Abundance is all around us. Yet often, it's something that many people struggle with in their lives.

As is often the case, we need to begin by focusing on what we want. If we're aware of lack or restriction somewhere in our lives, then we can start there to see why. It may be lack of love and support from others, or not having enough time, it could be lack of money, energy or good health. Whatever it is, we can begin to change our patterns of lack to patterns of abundance by changing our focus of attention from the 'problems' to thinking about what it is we really do want.

By shifting our attention, we're using our natural abilities of manifesting to create what we desire in our lives. Most people are unaware that whatever we focus on, we attract to us in our lives. We are powerful creators!  If we focus our attention and energy on the fear-based thoughts and beliefs, then we'll create fear-based situations or circumstances. If we can focus on what we really would love, then we're tapping into the Universal energy that creates everything and using it to create love-based situations and circumstances.

Often, when we begin thinking in a new, more positive way, it can trigger off the old, negative programming and beliefs that we hold and sometimes can bring to the surface old emotions that need to be cleared so we can move forward in a more abundant way. We need to examine why there are restrictions on our levels of abundance. Is it from childhood? What was there never enough of ________?  Was there enough love, happiness, health, time, support, money? Did the adults in your life have happy jobs and earn enough money, or were they miserable in their work? Were you heard as a child? Were your boundaries respected and your feelings valued? Did you feel safe and taken care of?

The society we live in can also affect our thinking and our beliefs. We are often too influenced by the news and media, or by traditions and cultural beliefs, all of which we must examine to ensure that they ring true for us as individuals. There are old school beliefs that in order to become spiritually enlightened you must suffer, go without or learn the hard way. Many people simply believe that work is something you simply endure to get money. These are beliefs that we need to re-examine and change. It is possible to have a wonderful job and get your needs met financially, but not if your mind is closed to the possiblity. It is also possible, and preferable, to heal and grow spiritually in love-based ways without lack or suffering.

Self-worth is the part of us that always requires attention when there is lack in our lives, because, somewhere, maybe deep down inside, we don't believe we're good enough, or deserving enough to receive the increased amount of _______. Be it love, health, time, money etc. We may be craving more but there's still something blocking it from coming to us, actually, we're blocking it! The Universe is abundant and is pure love, it wants us to have everything we desire. We don't need to suffer in order to learn and grow, we can do that in abundant love-based ways.

Begin by identifying the areas in life that you feel are restricted for you. Sit, take some deep breaths and go inside to your heart. Take some quiet time there to feel what emotions are there, see if old memories come up about why you can't allow yourself to have more. Hear any old, beliefs kicking in about what's appropriate for you to receive, or what you deserve. Breathe through the feelings and release them, begin to imagine your world as you'd truly love it to be, feel it, see it in your imagination, make it as real as you can in your mind. Feel the joy it brings you to have abundance, see the freedom it gives you and realise how much more help to others you can be when you have greater resources. Spending a few minutes each day focusing this way really does make a difference.

"I deserve to be healthy, happy and loved"

If you believe you don't deserve more, then you must look inside and find out why. Then, forgive yourself and let the past go. Lack often is linked with guilt, without even realising it, we can be punishing ourselves years later for a 'mistake' we made. Cultivate unconditional love toward yourself. You are deserving now! Self-worth levels improve with healing, over time, so that gradually we can allow ourselves to have our needs met unconditionally from life, free of guilt or sabotage. Sabotage is one to watch if you keep creating extra expenses, so you still don't have enough money, or if the abundance starts to flow but then problems start to crop up, which take away the time, energy, health , money etc. that you have begun to receive. Sabotage means there is still a part of you that doesn't feel worthy and needs forgiveness.

If you have always been a giver, learn to love yourself more and to feel more comfortable receiving from others and from life. It's part of the natural cycle to receive more so we can continue to give to others. It is a strength to ask for your needs to be met, not a weakness. Begin to feel more comfortable receiving and trust that it's safe to do so. This will bring balance to your life. We must wish for abundance, imagine it as real now, and be ready to receive in order for the process to work successfully.

Look back to Nature and see the abundance and the beauty. We are all part of that. We are meant to be abundant and cared for. If we can change our beliefs and remove our blocks, the abundance is there already, waiting to flow into our lives!