Just For Today, I will Not Worry

Hi there, I have lots of topics I will be posting about over the coming weeks, some which inevitably will be revisited from time to time as they are complex and deep. For today, from part of the Reiki Principles, is the statement of intention:

             Just For Today, I Will Not Worry

The Reiki Principles, amongst other things, teach us to take one moment at a time, to remember to have faith that life is taking care of us, even if things don't appear that way right now. By taking one day at a time, we can more easily handle the complexities of life, rather than trying to deal with overwhelming or difficult situations all in one go, we can break it down into day by day, manageable pieces. It also helps us to change our thinking, beliefs and attitudes when we just take it one day at a time. It seems more manageable and this helps us to keep it going to the next day.

A lot of time and mental energy are wasted by worrying about things, people and situations which are out of our control, which is often the cause of the worry to begin with. By taking a breath and handing the worries over to the Universe, we can develop greater faith that things are in fact how they're meant to be. Sometimes by taking a breath and relaxing for a few moments, we can let go of the worry long enough to see another way of looking at the situation at hand, which helps us to release worry and become more centred again. This is when we reclaim our power from the worry and this is when we can see things more clearly.

We must have faith that we are all taken care of and all is in Divine Right Order right now, even if we don't fully understand why things are the way they are at the moment. When we let go of worry, the Universe can help us. When we are in a place of fear, like worry, it cannot reach us, as we have become closed. All worry is fear based, it comes from doubting life, ourselves and others. When we can let go of worry, even for a few moments, or even better, a day, things open up and start to shift within us. There is now room for change and with a more positive, love based, 'faith in life' based train of thought all sorts of positive changes become possible.

Although this comes from the Reiki Principles, it's something we can all benefit from practising. Take a breath and release the worry to the Universe, find a positive thought to have in your mind, or even a word, such as peace, use it as a mantra through the day whenever your mind wanders back to worry. Remember also that worry never helps others or yourself, our loved ones benefit far more from us holding positive loving thoughts and images about them in our minds rather than worry. Situations are also more likely to improve when we hold positive loving thoughts and images about them in our mind. Think about the outcome you want rather than the one you fear.

So, just for today, do not worry.