How do we embrace change?

The only constant thing in life is change, and yet, most of us rail against it. We fear that which don't understand and we don't understand the unknown...and change is the unknown!

In order for us to be healthy and to experience life fully, we must be open to change. Many people believe that change is usually something that happens to them, without their consent. Or, that change is usually for the worse. Sometimes, this can be true of course but change is part of life, the natural cycle of things. It can also bring growth, new opportunities and improvement to our lives. Positive change enriches and nurtures us.

So, why do we put off making changes? Why shy away from new opportunities that might make our lives amazing? Because we fear the unknown, and often we can have the tendency towards judging the future against our past experiences. We can become too comfortable in situations that are really no longer healthy, happy or supportive of who we are now, but the fear of letting go can prevent us moving forward and making new changes. What if I get it wrong? What if changing things makes my life worse instead of better? Sometimes, it's just easier to stay put, stay stuck, stay restricted.

If we had a crystal ball, making changes would be so much easier! But this is where our intuition, our True Self comes into play. That is our own, in built crystal ball. It's there to act as our wise guidance system. It's the part of us that knows everything, that is pure love, and that is always on our side. If we can learn to trust that guidance system, we begin, step by step, to make love-based choices in our lives, and that means love-based change. This is the kind of change that opens doors, that helps us find the right people and generally starts to raise our quality of life. This is the kind of change we want!

Change in life is inevitable, we can resist it but that never ends up creating a fulfilling result. We can act like a victim, feeling out of control of our life and what's happening in it, or we can begin to face things, step by step and make positive changes ourselves. By listening to our inner guidance and acting on that, one small step at a time, we can begin to shape the course of our life, by creating positive, love-based changes. By doing this more and more, we become stronger, and making positive changes gradually becomes easier because we learn that it brings more love, joy and well-being to us. We begin to shift into a positive pattern regarding change and how we experience it.

We all have those times when hiding under the duvet feels like the best way to go, hoping that when we come out from our hiding place, life has somehow magically improved (the magic life improving duvet - another thing to put on the 'must invent one of those' list)...and it is important to take time to feel those fears, doubts and feelings that have been hiding away too, these are the blocks that have prevented us from moving forward and changing before, so it is important to deal with them, to face them head on. To be gentle with ourselves, be kind when change is taking place, is essential. Change is a process, not a race. Even positive change means letting go. It can trigger a grieving process that must be recognised and honoured.

Take time, be honest with yourself, what are your goals? Dreams? What small step can you take today towards making them happen? If we can embrace change, bit by bit, life begins to get interesting, full, rich and satisfying. Remember to limber up first though, small steps! It's like exercising, get those muscles ready before doing anything too major. Allow change to be powerful but allow it to come lovingly into your life. Big change doesn't have to be like a tidal wave, knocking you off your feet. Change can happen like that but it's often a series of smaller, more manageable steps that make big change happen over time.

Get quiet with yourself today, if you feel out of control, unhappy or unsatisfied, just sit for a while, get in touch with your inner guidance system by listening to your heart, it whispers, so be still. If you can feel it pulling you in certain directions, see how you can make some small steps towards that. Take notes, writing things out clarifies and clears. If you're doing that and you start to feel better, more energy, more you, then you know you're on the right path. Remember, change can be wonderful!