Chakra Series - Part Two: Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra governs our relationships, creativity, boundaries, our jobs/life purpose and self-respect. (If you missed part one about the Base Chakra and why it can be helpful to understand chakras, have a look at the Chakra Series - Part One to catch up...)

The Sacral Chakra:
Colour: Orange
Position: Lower Abdomen
Associated Organs/Areas: Colon, Uterus, Prostate, Ovaries, Testes
Endocrine Gland: Ovaries and Testes
Related Emotions: Possessiveness, Sharing
Basic Need: Balance within Relationships, Creativity, Healthy Boundaries,
Spiritual Aspect: 

The Sacral Chakra governs our health, our connection to our own natural rhythms, our relationships creativity and our boundaries. It is the centre of all creation, including reproduction, but also all of the things we choose to create in life. It is a powerful, important centre, where we create our relationships including our relationship with ourselves, family, friends and everyone we connect with. It's the chakra that governs our purpose in life, our work, and all we choose to do in our lives! The Sacral Chakra is where all physical creation begins, the seed of life, be it a child or a new project, job or home. 

When we experience problems in any of these areas of our lives and find ourselves unable to resolve the problems and resulting negative thinking and emotion, it begins to create blocks in the sacral chakra area and the associated areas of our bodies.  If we feel unable to express and release our feelings within our relationships, or if we have trouble maintaining healthy boundaries with others, problems begin to arise. We all need to learn to respect ourselves and our needs in order for others to treat us in the same way. If we disrespect ourselves then we attract disrespectful behaviours from others because we're essentially saying to the Universe that this is OK.   If we believe that we don't have a purpose in life, or don't know what that is, this leads to a dis-connection from ourselves and life, causing drifting and ill health.

The Sacral Chakra is a powerful one because our relationships and our life purpose are powerful and important areas of our lives. Creating balanced, healthy and respectful relationships can be difficult at times but by healing the problems from the past and by changing our thoughts and beliefs about relationships, we can begin to create more and more balance, health, respect and joy in our relationships. When we spend time going within and listening to our innermost feelings and urgings about what we are here to do in life, we can begin to create a healthy and happy life and by tuning into and focusing on our strengths and allowing ourselves the time and space to follow our dreams and use our natural abilities, we begin to create a satisfying way of life and income. We discover our true life's purpose!

The Sacral chakra is also a centre of balance between male and female energies, both within ourselves and our relationships with others. We all have both male and female energies and qualities, our female energy being our intuition, inner guidance, receptive, passive, gentle and nurturing qualities and aspects. Our male energy is our active, outgoing, giving and building qualities and aspects. Both male and female are equally valid and important, yet for many people these energies aren't balanced, many people are dominated by their male active side, indeed, our cultures often sadly reflect this back to us when you can see everyone rushing around, too busy too take a breath! This of course, is unhealthy and over time causes problems for the body. The activity becomes empty and meaningless.

To balance the Sacral chakra, we must all find our balance, learn to create time for both introspection and action. When we take action based upon the information given by our wise, intuitive female aspect (by taking time to check in with yourself to feel what the next step is for you/how you really feel etc.) the outcome will always be favourable. When we blindly keep going through life, believing the more we do, the better, we become lost and unfulfilled. All these issues fall under the Sacral chakra.

Tips for balancing the Sacral chakra:

  Spend time alone to find clarity about what direction you wish your life to go in

 Be honest in your relationships and  focus on what you do want instead of what you dislike

Spend time in Nature. Nature re-balances us and helps us find our own natural rhythms

 Know what your natural strengths and abilities are, these are your clues to your life's purpose!

Respect yourself more highly and others will reflect this back to you

I hope you find this post interesting  and helpful! By looking at the symptoms we create and having a better understanding of ourselves and why illness occurs, we can more easily make a change and begin to create more health and happiness in our lives.

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