Chakra Series: Part One - Root Chakra

Hi everyone, as promised, I'm starting the chakra series, covering the basics to help people to understand what they are, where they are etc.

There are seven main or major chakras and many minor ones that are situated around our body/aura. They are energy centres or concentrations of life force energy, which spin at different speeds. They are 'seen' as wheels of light, each one a different colour, the colour is created by the speed at which that chakra is spinning. The seven main chakras are located from the base of the spine up through the spine to the top of the head (see diagram below).

Having a general awareness of the chakras can help us to heal and understand why we manifest our illness or problems the way we do. Every belief, action or choice we make affects the amount of energy that can flow through us. When our chakras are balanced, we are healthy and in harmony with our Higher Self. When energy becomes blocked through stress, over work, negative, fear-based thinking, or trauma, our chakras become blocked or unbalanced, which affects the amount of energy/life force flowing through us. Each suppressed emotion or negative belief we hold is stored away in a particular area of the body and over time, these suppressed energies begin to manifest physical blockages which we experience as illness or physical pain.

My aim here, is to give a little insight into why and where we store the things we do (without consciously realising it of course) so that we can then clear them away and create increased health in all areas of our lives. I hope you find it interesting and helpful!

The Root/Base Chakra:
Colour: Red
Position: Base of the Spine
Associated Organs/Areas: Kidneys, Bladder, Rectum, Vertebral Column, Hips, Lower Back, Legs, Feet, Hands.
Endocrine Gland: Adrenal (cortisone)
Related Emotions: Fear, Courage
Basic Need: Security, Confidence
Spiritual Aspect: Self-awareness

The base chakra is associated with the base-ic needs in life. Our material needs for survival, including physical health and strength, money, home, work, and general safety. It is our fight or flight area! If we notice any health problems in the base chakra area of the body, we can look within to examine the possible underlying causes of the illness or pain, and see if we can connect them with the beliefs, emotions and issues that are governed by the root chakra.

Common problems occur in this area when there is a fear of not having enough, whether it be enough security, money or any material lack. Those who have suffered abuse will often have blockages in this area, as they feel it's unsafe for them to open to receive. The root chakra is our connection with the Earth and any negative beliefs we have about being here will block our connection and prevent us from being grounded and in the present moment, the very place where we need to be to create and receive abundance.

Issues about work and income are governed by the root chakra, often people are unsure of their direction in life or what they want to do for a living. Some believe that you can't enjoy your work and earn enough money as well. These and other restricted ways of thinking that we believe (or have inherited) are stored away in the lower part of the body and over time, can start to manifest into physical health problems. Many people suffer with lower back pain, hip, knee pain or stiffness, for example, sometimes these ailments are a physical manifestation of the pain or stiff way of thinking associated with moving forward in life or with a lack of support financially or materially.

It's all to easy to be in our heads, thinking, thinking, thinking and rushing around being too busy, often though, this is a dis-connection from ourselves and a way to avoid problems. It often causes problems in the root chakra area because the root chakra is where we store away old emotions regarding safety, money, our home and our belongings. It's where we store our fears about survival. Many people have a lot of fear surrounding their material security and loss of that security. Many confuse material security with true inner security and confidence.

Healing or balancing the root chakra develops inner security and true confidence, which is love-based and real. No-one can take these away! When we feel safe inside our own skin, we create and receive more security externally. If we focus our mind on security and being safe, having enough and on life taking care of us and taking care of the details about how things will work out for us, then we can relax more and let go into a deeper place of true inner security.

Tips for balancing the root chakra:

  • Wear red clothes, they increase a sense of security, warmth and increase/stimulate energy levels and circulation. Get some red socks! Have beautiful red things in your home to look at
  •  Focus your mind on being safe, having enough, imagine what you want rather than what you fear
  • Take time off to re-balance and slow down. Hear and feel the fears then release them to feel more secure, rather than running away from them
  • Examine your beliefs about money, home, work and safety.
  • Take time to do what gives you joy! It builds confidence and helps us to feel good about being alive!

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