Chakra Series, Part Six: Third Eye

(If you missed the earlier articles in this series, have a look at the Chakra Series - Part One to catch up...) a little about them can really help us to understand and heal ourselves.

The Third Eye Chakra:
Colour: Indigo
Position: Centre of the forehead
Associated Organs/Areas: Eyes, Sinuses, Ears, Forehead
Endocrine Gland: Pituitary
Related Emotions: Confusion and Clarity
Basic Need: Vision, Balance, Clarity
Spiritual Aspect: Self-Responsibility 

The third eye chakra governs issues of physical, spiritual and psychic sight. When this chakra is clear, we see everything in a 'real' or clear way, giving ourselves the guidance we need in order to move forward in life in a balanced way. When the third eye is blocked, there is a need to take time to look within, to find the truth of the matter, problem or situation. Often the mind/ego takes over from true sight with good intentions, good ideas, or colouring the way we're seeing ourselves, others, or situations.

The third eye chakra is about clarity, the way we see things, life, ourselves, and others. It is our intuition and inner knowing that guides us through our hearts, and our spiritual insight. It is the centre that also is related to the opposite of clarity; confusion. When we see/perceive from a place of fear, we see illusion, we experience pain and suffering because we're listening to our ego instead of our higher self.

Our lives and what (or who) comes into them, is governed by our beliefs and our thoughts. The third eye is all about seeing and thinking and therefore creating from a place of clarity, a place of love. When we do this, we attract and create more harmony and love into our life experience. When we focus our attention on negativity and problems, fears and doubts, then, not only are we choosing to believe that is the truth for us, we are also creating more of the same and attracting it to us. 

The third eye is our centre of vision, not only our physical sight but also our vision of life, it's where we connect with our imagination, inspiration and ideas. It governs our sight and our hearing, both the inner dialogue and outer. It is the centre of our perception and this is something that can be changed, from a negative perception to a positive one. It changes every situation we experience, because we are constantly deciding what to think about everything and everyone, about life and what's possible for us. We decide whether something is right, wrong, good or bad. Either we accept or judge, allow or criticize. 

When we see things through the cloud of confusion and fear, we aren't seeing clearly and it causes imbalance in the third eye. We are in conflict with our true self, our clarity. This creates imbalance and blockages in the third eye area, these sometimes manifest as headaches, migraine, also sinus, eye and ear aches or illness. Often, the individual is forced to close their eyes and rest, allowing the third eye to re-balance the situation, so they can see the truth of the situation and then take responsibility for the situation at hand.

The third eye is balanced when we can see and hear clearly, when we are willing to look at  ourselves through the eyes of love and take responsibility for what we choose to create in life. It's too easy to choose to see others as the problem, or to ignore life by distracting habits, too much T.V etc...but when we face things and are willing to see things clearly, we can move forward in a more healthy, balanced way.

The things we think directly affect the way we feel, so it's really important to take control of  the topics you give your attention to. Fear can so easily seduce you into a mental battle, re-running problems or worries over and over in your mind. Meanwhile, the moment of now is passing you by...Learning to catch the trains of thought and realising there is a choice about what we spend our mental energy on helps to powerfully change life because it is taking power back from the ego. The more we do this, the more influenced by our third eye, our inner truth we become and our lives become more filled with beauty because we choose to see that it's there! 

Learning to be responsible for ourselves isn't always easy but by staying in touch with our selves more fully and truthfully brings its rewards over time. Being responsible isn't doing the chores on time or about achieving materially, it's about being your own authentic self, choosing to see the truth and acting accordingly. It brings balance and health to our lives, which in turn brings joy, love and abundance.

Tips to balance the Third Eye:

Meditation every day, even for ten minutes, helps to regain clarity and re-connect with the truth of a situation

Choose to focus on the positive things in your life, however small

Decide to take control of your thought patterns by switching to a more happy, funny or peaceful memory, thought or image when you're thinking negative thoughts 

Take note of recurring inspiration, creative ideas or thoughts about your life purpose

Don't be afraid to face the truth, go within and feel the feelings so you can regain clarity

I hope you find this post helpful, it really can be useful to understand ourselves better and those around us too of course!

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