A Course In Chakras

Many people have heard of chakras but often don't know much about them or how they affect us, so I thought I'd do a seven part course, covering the basics of each of the seven major chakras, where they are, what they do and how they affect us. It can be really helpful to know about them because it can give us greater awareness of what our 'problems' are and what's causing us pain on a deeper level, which in turn, helps us to release and heal the blockage.

Each week, I will cover one chakra, so that by the end of the seven weeks, you should have a good overview and understanding of what they are, which will help you better understand yourself, your health 'problems' and the 'problems' that your clients have too. Although a knowledge of the chakras isn't specifically connected with Reiki, I found it so helpful when I learnt Reiki to learn about chakras too. My Reiki students all know this as I now include information in Level One training about chakras to give them a head start in learning about healing, both on a personal level and also for their family, friends and clients.

So keep an eye out for part one, all about the root chakra...coming soon!